Building physics

In building Physics, the investigation of the insulation capabilities of building materials is an important subject of study. Hukseflux is the present market leader in heat flux measurement related to building physics. The most commonly used sensor is type HFP01. Apart from laboratory studies of the thermal properties of the materials, their behavior is also studied in field experiments, to gain information on the behavior in different climates. Important parameters are temperature (inside versus outside, wind, solar radiation, rain, snow etc.).

Hukseflux can supply turn key systems for analysis of thermal resistance of building envelopes and elements.

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Building physics


Self-calibrating foil heat flux sensor with thermal spreaders and heater


Heat flux plate


Industrial heat flux sensor


Self-calibrating heat flux sensor


Ultra sensitive heat flux plate


Foil heat flux sensor, flexible, 50 x 50 mm


High accuracy thermal resistance measurement system with 2 measurement locations

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