DR01 pyrheliometer

First class pyrheliometer

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DR01 is a high-accuracy direct (normal incidence) solar radiation sensor. The scientific name of this instrument is pyrheliometer. DR01 complies with the first class specifications of the ISO 9060 standard and the WMO Guide. The pyrheliometer has a heated window, which helps reduce the need for cleaning. DR01 is used in tracker-mounted operation.


DR01 is a solar radiation sensor that is applied in high accuracy observations. It measures the solar radiation received by a plane surface from a 5° full field of view angle. This quantity, expressed in W/m2 , is called “direct” solar radiation or direct normal irradiance (DNI). Pyrheliometers are generally employed outdoors under the sun. It is necessary to keep the instrument pointed at the sun by using a two-axis tracker. Typical DR01 applications include solar energy resource assessment, system performance monitoring (in particular for concentrated solar energy) and scientific solar climate observations.

Benefits and operation

DR01 window assembly is equipped with a heater which reduces measurement errors caused by (early-morning) dew deposition. DR01 can be connected directly to commonly used data logging systems. The irradiance in W/m2 is calculated by dividing the instrument output, a small voltage, by the sensitivity. This sensitivity is provided with DR01 on its product certificate. DR01 pyrheliometer is optionally equipped with a temperature sensor and is optionally characterised for its temperature dependence. This can be used to increase the accuracy of the measurement.

DR01 pyrheliometer design

The pyrheliometer features a precision ground and polished quartz window, a collimated tube and a black coated thermal sensor. It has an anodised aluminium body. DR01 also features a thermally isolated low power heater in the window assembly.

Suggested use

  • outdoor PV / CPV and CSP system performance monitoring
  • solar energy surveys
  • solar resource assessments
  • meteorological networks


  • longer cable, in multiples of 5 m
  • internal temperature sensor
  • temperature dependence characterisation
  • various tracking solutions can be offered by Hukseflux

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