SR05 pyranometer

Digital second class pyranomete

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SR05 is the most affordable digital pyranometer meeting ISO 9060 second class requirements. It measures solar radiation received by a plane surface, in W/m2, from a 180 o field of view angle. SR05 is ideal for general solar radiation measurements in (agro-)meteorological networks and PV monitoring. The pyranometer is easy to mount and install, in particular with SR05's ball levelling mechanism. Various outputs are available, both digital and analogue, for ease of integration.


  • Industry standard digital outputs: easy implementation and servicing
  • Easy mounting and levelling
  • Pricing: second class pyranometers finally affordable for large networks


SR05 pyranometer employs a thermopile sensor with black coated surface, one dome and an anodised aluminium body with visible bubble level. SR05 has a variety of industry standard outputs, both digital and analogue:

  • SR05-DA1: digital sensor with Modbus over RS-485 and analogue 0-1 V output
  • SR05-DA2: digital sensor with Modbus over TTL and analogue 4–20 mA output


Optionally SR05 has a unique ball levelling mechanism and tube mount for easy mounting and levelling on a (non-)horizontal surface or tube. Click the Gallery tab to view some examples.


  • general solar radiation measurements
  • (agro-)meteorological networks
  • PV power plant monitoring


For communication between a PC and SR05, the Hukseflux Sensor Manager software is downloadable. It allows the user to plot and export data, and change the SR05 Modbus address and its communication settings.


  • longer cable lengths (10, 20 metres)
  • extension cable with connector pair (10, 20 metres)
  • with ball levelling
  • with ball levelling and tube mount (for tube diameters 25 to 40 mm)
  • OEM versions

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