SR12 pyranometer

First class pyranometer for solar energy test applications

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SR12 is a high accuracy solar radiation sensor / pyranometer that meets and exceeds the ISO 9060 standard performance mandate for first class pyranometers for “solar energy test applications”. It is the preferred instrument for PV system performance monitoring.

SR12 pyranometer has two unique features: a heater and a temperature sensor for additional quality assurance. The incorporated heater reduces measurement errors caused by early-morning dew deposition. All sensors have individually been tested on directional response; a report is included with SR12’s calibration certificate. Calibration of SR12 has been improved; our latest calibration method results in an uncertainty of the sensitivity of 1.8 %, compared to typical uncertainties of higher than 2.8 % for this pyranometer class.

The ASTM E2848 “Standard Test Method for Reporting Photovoltaic Non-Concentrator System Performance” (issued end 2011) confirms that a pyranometer is the preferred instrument for outdoor PV testing. SR12 complies with the requirements of this standard. SR12 is also the first pyranometer of its kind meeting the ISO 9060 mandate for first class pyranometers for “solar energy test applications”.

Suggested use

  • PV system performance monitoring
  • general solar resource monitoring
  • indoor simulated solar testing

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