High accuracy thermal resistance measurement system with 2 measurement locations

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TRSYS01 is a measurement system for analysis of thermal resistance and thermal transmittance of building elements by in-situ measurement. It can be used for measurements according to ISO 9869 and ASTM C1155 / C1046 standards. In its standard configuration the system is equipped with two heat flux sensors as well as two pairs of matched thermocouples for differential temperature measurements.


The in-situ measurement of thermal resistance, thermal transmittance or U-Values of buildings is often applied in studies of building elements.

The thermal resistance, TR, measurement is based on simultaneous measurement of time averaged heat flux F (using a heat flux sensor) and differential temperature, ΔT, (two temperature sensors).

TR = ΔT / F

The ISO and ASTM standards on the subject comment on applicability of the method, on installation and on data analysis.

The TRSYS consists of high accuracy electronics (measurement accuracy up to 1 microvolts) as well as matched thermocouple pairs to make a differential temperature measurement with a better accuracy than 0.1 degrees C. It also includes HFP01 heat flux plates. HFP01 is the world's most popular sensor for heat flux measurement through building envelopes.


Click on drawing in Gallery for schematic overview of TRSYS01: TRSYS01 consists of MCU Measurement and Control Unit (1), an adapter for power (2), 2 pairs of matched thermocouples (4), and 2 heat flux plates of type HFP01 (5). MCU measures and stores data. Readout is performed by connecting temporarily to a PC (3) (not included). Software for readout is included.


  • LP02 solar radiation sensor
  • Integrated battery pack

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