Pyranometer products

Hukseflux is a leading manufacturer of pyranometers and other solar radiation sensors. We produce and sell a complete range of high quality instruments for solar radiation measurement, compliant with the latest ISO and WMO standards. Scientific names for the instruments are:

  • Pyranometer: for the measurement of global solar radiation
  • Pyrgeometer: for the measurement of infra red radiation
  • Net radiometer: for the measurement of radiation balance
  • Pyrheliometer: for the measurement of direct solar radiation
  • Albedometer: for the measurement of solar radiation and reflection

Our customers are active in the following fields: photovoltaic (PV) industry, meteorology and climatology.

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SR30 pyranometer

Next level digital secondary standard pyranometer

SR05 pyranometer

Digital second class pyranomete

SR25 pyranometer

Secondary standard pyranometer with sapphire outer dome

SR25-D2 pyranometer

Digital secondary standard pyranometer with sapphire outer dome

SR12 pyranometer

First class pyranometer for solar energy test applications

SR20 pyranometer

Secondary standard pyranometer

SR11 pyranometer

First class pyranometer

SR03 pyranometer

Fast response second class pyranometer

LP02 pyranometer

Second class pyranometer

LP02-LI19 pyranometer

Pyranometer with handheld read-out unit / datalogger

LP02-TR pyranometer

Second class pyranometer with 4-20 mA transmitter

SR11-TR pyranometer

First class pyranometer with 4-20 mA transmitter

SR20-D2 pyranometer

Digital secondary standard pyranometer with Modbus RTU and 4-20 mA output

Pyranometer App

Turn your iPhone into a "pyranometer" with our solar radiation / Pyranometer App


Pyrgeometer, Albedometer, Net radiometer

IR20 & IR20WS pyrgeometer

Research grade pyrgeometers

IR02 pyrgeometer

Pyrgeometer with heater

IR02-TR pyrgeometer

Pyrgeometer with heater and 4-20 mA transmitter

SRA01 albedometer

Albedometer compliant with ISO and WMO standards

NR01 net radiometer

4-component net radiation sensor

RA01 radiometer

2-component radiation sensor

Pyrgeometer, Albedometer, Net radiometer
Pyrgeometer, Albedometer, Net radiometer


DR01 pyrheliometer

First class pyrheliometer

DR02 pyrheliometer

Fast response first class pyrheliometer

Background information

Background information

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