Thermal testing services - material characterisation laboratory

Hukseflux not only supplies instruments, but offers thermal testing services as well. We are equipped to perform measurements for customers in our own material characterisation laboratory. Material characterisation services involve thermal conductivity, contact resistance and thermal resistivity. 

Please find some examples of typical measurements, references, and a request form for our testing services below.

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Determining thermal properties in our thermal testing services laboratorySoil thermal resistance measurement

How to guarantee the quality of soil thermal conductivity measurement?

Hukseflux developed traceable reference materials (Calibration Reference Cylinders) which are adapted to the needles that are used for soil thermal resistance measurement.

Material characterisation services in our own thermal properties laboratoryPaint thermal conductivity measurement

Measurement of thermal conductivity of thin layers, for instance paint, is a challenge.

Traditional methods lead to measurement results that are too low because the contact resistance is part of their measurement. Hukseflux has the means to analyse without significant contact resistance. Our lab carries out thermal conductivity measurements of thin layers of insulating paint for many of the world’s paint manufacturers.

Capabilities, specimen requirements and request forms

Take a look at these notes on our capabilities and specimen requirements. Interested? Please fill out the form.

Thermal properties laboratory and consultancy: which thermal testing services does Hukseflux offer? (PDF)

Thermal properties lab specimen requirements (PDF)

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