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Turn your iPhone into a "pyranometer" with our solar radiation / Pyranometer App

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Turn your iPhone into a "pyranometer" with our solar radiation / Pyranometer App. It enables you to measure solar irradiance in Watt per square meter (W/m2)!

iPhone App

The iPhone App is a gadget for fun and educational purposes only. In daily life measurement of solar radiation is done by highly accurate pyranometers. These instruments are used for measurements of weather, climate, solar energy production, agriculture and other related fields.

The solar radiation / pyranometer App is provided for free by Hukseflux Thermal Sensors, market leader in solar measurement instruments. With the App, our clients, users and other interested people can give a glimpse to family and friends what concerns them in professional life. With the introduction of this App in iTunes, Hukseflux became the inventor of the iPhone "camera+diffusor" measurement principle.

Turn your iPhone into a pyranometer with our App

Press the banner below, and you will be directed to the iTunes store.


  • download your App from the iTunes Store
  • download the manual and print the diffusor on page 15.

More information

Watch the Prezi-movie below to see how the App can be used and start experimenting.


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