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Calibration services

Hukseflux is a leading manufacturer, both in technology and market share, of pyranometers. We are market leader in heat flux measuring sensors and systems. Did you know we offer (re)calibration services for all these products as well? With our local calibration centres worldwide, we offer fast and traceable results according to established standards. 

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Material characterisation services

Besides supplying measuring instruments, Hukseflux offers material characterisation testing services. We are fully equipped to perform measurements for customers in our own thermal properties laboratory. Material characterisation services involve thermal conductivity / resistivity and contact resistance. 

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Engineering & Consultancy

Challenging heat transfer or thermal measurement problem? Contact Hukseflux. We offer measurement solutions via our Engineering & Consultancy services. Custom-made products and measuring systems are developed in cooperation with customers. Our experienced engineers will take your measurement to the next level. 

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