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Announcements & updates

Participated in Renewable Energy India Expo 2023

Hukseflux India recently participated in the Renewable Energy India Expo, showcasing our innovative solutions in the renewable energy sector.

We highlighted our commitment to advancing sustainable energy technologies and our contributions to the renewable energy landscape in India.

Our participation in such an esteemed expo demonstrates our dedication to driving forward the adoption of renewable energy solutions in the country.

DP01: the world’s first dome protector

Behold the world’s first dome protector! DP01 mitigates the risk of damage to the pyranometer dome, improves data availability and reduces unnecessary repair costs. It protects the dome of the pyranometer during transport, installation and removal. Specially made for SR15 and SR30 pyranometers.

The benefits:
• mitigates the risk of damage to the pyranometer dome
• improves data availability
• reduces unnecessary repair costs
• can be ordered in a set of 5 pieces

Read more about the DP01 dome protector.

New: SBG04 water-cooled heat flux sensor

Hukseflux, the world market leader in heat flux measurement, proudly presents the new SBG04 water-cooled heat flux sensor. The sensor of choice for cone calorimeter calibration.

SBG04 has several advantages:

• cone calorimeter compatible
• all specifications and dimensions standardised according to ISO 5660 and ASTM E1354
• reduced diameter of 12.7 mm (0.5 inch)
• reduced installation height
• tubes at 90° angle to the axis of body
• scratch resistant absorber coating (reduced absorber height)
• safe storage with a practical protection cap

Read more about the SBG04 heat flux sensor.

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