Heat flux measurement to validate CFD thermal simulations

Use heat flux sensors

Did you know that heat flux can be measured? The FHF05 series heat flux sensors is used to verify simulated heat flux.

Take a look at FHF05 series, the newest general-purpose heat flux sensors >

Heat transfer and thermal management of designs, devices and processes are often optimised using CFD simulation. The results are estimated temperatures and heat fluxes. Until now, only measurement of temperature is very common for validation purposes.
The Hukseflux FHF05 series heat flux sensors offers the first really practical solution to add heat flux to you measurements. For example: they can serve to measure heat flux boundary conditions as input for your thermal simulation (e.g. Ansys, COMSOL, OpenFoam, SimScale, Abaqus, etc.) or they can be used as validation of calculations.

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Assets of the newest innovative FHF05 series heat flux sensors

Why measure heat flux

How heat flux sensors work

Heat flux sensors measure a temperature difference across a thin layer of material. They typically employ a thermopile, which is manufactured by creating an alternating pattern of two dissimilar conductors, generally metal alloys. The output is a millivolt signal proportional to the local heat flux.
Hukseflux is the market leader in heat flux measurement, worldwide. We offer a wide range of sensors for measuring heat flux in many applications. Cannot find what you are looking for, or contemplating using a dedicated instrument for a specific application, please contact Hukseflux. We like having a good technical conversation.
FHF05 series heat flux sensors, with 5 different models, is designed for general-purpose heat flux measurement. Click on the product below to discover all its specifications.



High temperature foil heat flux sensor for use up to 250 °C; patented technology, flexible, with temperature sensor and thermal spreaders
Measurand heat flux, temperature
Measurement range (-20 to +20) x 10³ W/m²

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FHF05 series

Foil heat flux sensors with thermal spreaders, flexible, different dimensions, with temperature sensor
Measurand heat flux, temperature
Measurand range (-10 to +10) x 10³ W/m²

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BLK - GLD sticker

Black and gold stickers for measuring convective and radiative heat flux separately
Measurand convective and / or radiative heat flux

FHF05SC series

FHF05SC series heat flux sensors
Measurand heat flux, temperature
Measurand range (-10 to +10) x 10³ W/m²
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