Every Hukseflux pyranometer:

  • measures hemispherical solar radiation according to the latest standards
  • is classified as ISO 9060 secondary standard, first class or second class
  • offers the best measurement accuracy in its class
  • offers analogue and / or digital (Modbus over RS-485 / TTL) output
  • is used extensively in Solar energy / PV monitoring and in meteorology
  • has unique features and benefits, such as RVH™ Ventilation and Heating
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Services to assist you

Calibration services

Hukseflux is a leading manufacturer, both in technology and market share, of pyranometers. We are market leader in heat flux measuring sensors and systems. Did you know we offer (re)calibration services for all these products as well? With our local calibration centres worldwide, we offer fast and traceable results according to established standards. 

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Material characterisation services

Besides supplying measuring instruments, Hukseflux offers material characterisation testing services. We are fully equipped to perform measurements for customers in our own thermal properties laboratory. Material characterisation services involve thermal conductivity / resistivity and contact resistance. 

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Engineering & Consultancy

Challenging heat transfer or thermal measurement problem? Contact Hukseflux. We offer measurement solutions via our Engineering & Consultancy services. Custom-made products and measuring systems are developed in cooperation with customers. Our experienced engineers will take your measurement to the next level. 

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Hukseflux pyranometer products

Hukseflux’ focus on technological innovation and customer support made it the fastest grower in the solar radiation sensor market. We now rank among the leaders, both in market share and product performance. We manufacture thousands of ISO classified pyranometers every year. Hukseflux supplies pyranometers with the highest accuracy in every class at the most attractive price level. Each Hukseflux pyranometer is classified as ISO 9060 secondary standard (spectrally flat class A), first class (class B), or second class (class C), and offers unique features and benefits, such as Recirculating Ventilation and Heating. Our customers are active in the following fields: solar energy, photovoltaic (PV) industry, meteorology and climatology. Consult our pyranometer selection guide for choosing the best sensor for your application, or contact us directly.

Interested in the new standards for pyranometers and PV monitoring systems? Read our notes on the new ISO 9060:2018 and IEC 61724-1:2017 requirements for pyranometers.